Basic Certificate in Biblical Ministry

The Certificate in Christian Ministry is a course of study designed for those interested in introductory level insights into Christian ministry and Bible understanding. The program is detailed and in-depth but not over-burdening. In fact, we at EBTC believe it is an enjoyable, yet amazingly informative, program. The program is made up of the following 5 courses:

Beginning the Spiritual Life – Tony Guthrie, PhD. instructor.

Basics of Biblical Interpretation – Tony Guthrie, PhD. instructor

Old Testament Survey – Chris Morrison, M.Div. instructor

New Testament Survey –  Chris Morrison, M.Div. instructor

Survey of Basic Theology – Chris Morrison, M.Div. instructor

The courses are $55 each plus the textbook.

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Below are two sample lectures from the Basic Certificate in Biblical Ministry Program: The password is: model prayer


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